Are You Missing Out On Finding New Clients?

February 20, 2017
Social Selling

Generating leads can be tough, especially when working from old data sets that are not being consistently updated. The beauty of social media is that you have a dynamic profile of the majority of your prospective clients on Linkedin. 

Whilst you can’t export a database or find many telephone numbers on Linkedin, the information you can access is extremely valuable. 

Identifying decision makers

In mid-sized and SMEs it can be difficult to identify the decision maker due to the range of job titles used for the same position. Without insight into this, you can end up wasting time prospecting the wrong person. 

With Linkedin you can also use a prospect's profile to identify their role and where they fit within the organisation, which can help you take a more effective and targeted approach. 

Finding A Common Interest 

The spray and pray approach is no longer an effective tool for prospecting. With more and more people ignoring sales calls, customers are now much more likely to respond to the tailored and personalised approach. 

Even if you are using an offline data set, doing your research online first can be extremely valuable. For instance you may find that your prospect is a fan of your football team which highlights common ground between you and is also a conversation starter. This not only tells your prospect that you’ve done your research, but also gives you an easy way to build rapport, helping you stand out rather than being just another sales call. 

Your LinkedIn Profile is Your Marketing 

The brilliant thing about Linkedin is that you can see when people look at your profile, it can essentially become and inbound sales tool. Ensuring your profile is up-to-date, engaging, shows off your expertise and contains your contact details can be very effective in converting these warm leads. 

Social media provides a valuable source of up to date information which is an important resource when targeting new clients. This information enables your prospecting to be properly targeted, relevant and engaging to the potential client and also creates the possibility of increased inbound.

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