What is Linkedin Sales Navigator and should my Insurance Broking firm use it?

June 26, 2017

Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigator is a great tool for:

Boosting your personal brand

Turbo-charging the referral process

Generating new leads

 At about £60/month it is an investment, but if you deliver one new client through the platform, you will likely have made your money back!

LinkedIn offer a free trial on the platform so you can explore the functionality without the commitment.

Lead Builder

Search by location, job title, job role, company size, company vertical, past job, past company.. the list is almost endless!

You will also get sent lead recommendations based on what you have searched for and your saved lists.


Reach out to any member of the Linkedin network with the InMail system, you get 30 credits per month.

Personalised Newsfeed

Every time you log into the sales navigator platform you will be greeted with loads of opportunities to engage with your potential prospects e.g. if one of them just published their own article


It's a very small world. You will likley have mutual connections with people you are prospecting without even knowing it. The TeamLink feature highlights any connections where you have a link in common, so you can utilise these to increase your chance of success.

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