Becoming A Thought Leader Isn't As Hard As You Think

February 20, 2017
Social Selling

Becoming a thought leader is not as difficult as you may think, especially in insurance. The advent of social media has resulted in multiple opportunities to boost your profile online, and with this trend yet to fully launch in insurance, you can easily become a well-respected voice in your chosen area of expertise. 

In general, the three traits that define a thought leader include:

·       Know-how in their area of expertise

·       Intelligent pinions

·       Authority in their field 

This being said, you probably can't help but wonder - how to become a thought leader or why is becoming individual of such type important nowadays? 

As an insurance broker you spend a lot of time servicing your clients or generating new business leads. If you can create a successful online personal brand, your clients will feel looked after by an expert, and prospective clients will then be more likely to convert. 

Establish a personal brand

The ability to build a solid reputation for yourself is the main value that drives you through becoming a thought leader. Therefore, you should start building yours by restructuring your existing social media profiles, optimising them to the latest standards and most importantly - being more active in your industry 'depth-of-field' and provoking more people to follow you and your actions. 

Work with influencers/mentors and continue networking  

Once the baseline reputation of yourself as a thought leader is there, your baby steps can continue with reaching out potential mentors and influencers in your industry. With the advancement of technology, this is a task that is relatively easy, especially if you are pushing your content socially and talk to people on a regular basis. 

Don’t be afraid 

Sticking to the comfort zone in your industry won't make you a thought leader, you need to have your own opinions that you can validate. It’s not enough to just share an article, show you have engaged by adding intelligent commentary. This will help you establish your online reputation in the industry and also give you a chance to get published in the industry press. 


Becoming a thought leader in a particular industry is not rocket science, but may be a daunting task for anyone who lacks the motivation and commitment to achieve this level of authority. In reality, thought leaders are built rather than born. It isn’t something that happens overnight, but the effort you put in will be rewarded through both short-term lead conversion but also long-term career prospects. 

For insurance brokers who seriously value their client relationships, publishing an article or sharing relevant content with clients can be a really useful engagement tool, and may even help as client contracts come up for renewal. 

Today, thought leaders are more popular than ever, well respected and have a strong network, therefore they drive real value to the organisation or workplace within the industry.

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