What does InsurTech mean for brokers?

February 14, 2017

We spoke with John Warburton, Founder at Konslileo, about what InsurTech really means for commercial insurance brokers.

At the top level, not much. If you are a trading insurance broker servicing clients, there are very few InsurTech companies out there right now with a lot to say to you.

However, more deeply InsurTech companies could have a major impact on the way you live your life in the future sooner than you think.

Innovations that have happened and are happening in personal lines will start to find their way into the micro-SME end of the spectrum and the pace of

Therefore, you will need to be technically proficient enough to deal with more complex clients.

The latest generation of cloud platforms that incorporate strong collaboration technology, and that are integrated with office 365, mean that it is becoming much easier to work virtually and run more efficient workflows. 

This will transform the entire way a broker will spend their day in future, reducing time spent on back office activity, beyond even the best broker software houses available in the market today.

Therefore, you will need to be more advice-based (and less about the broking transaction)

Similar changes in the majority of your client’s industries, especially embracing AI and IoT, means that the nature of the risks you are asked to cover will change significantly.

Therefore, you will need to keep up to date on emerging risks to the client and product landscape.

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